Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh NO She did NOT!

Well, yes, I did.

I've decided to separate out my blog into two separate blogs so that knitting can actually be the main topic in one and folks who actually want to read about my knitting won't have to wade through my political rantings, etc, etc..

There will of course, be some double posting since some stuff is just too good to keep to only one site. Wait, let me take that down a few ego levels... There's just some stuff that fits into both places. Not that's its Wordsworth or anything. (rolls eyes)

So fear not, you will not longer have to hear me rant and rave about why on earth ESPN feels the need to do a thirty minute intro on the DUKE lacrosse before the Quarter Final match between Johns Hopkins and Navy. Maybe the Navy will bomb ESPN ~ you don't screw with the Academies....

Just a suggestion. If you actually give a shit about the Duke Lax team, you'd probably best not read any of my blogs. It's for your own good really.

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